Li Auto Launches L9 Pro with Horizon Journey™ 5 Solution

On August 3, Li Auto, one of China’s leading new energy vehicle OEM, launched its L9 Pro car model. This launch marks the official debut of the 3rd Li Auto model equipped with Horizon’s latest energy-efficient computing solution — Journey™ 5. Li AD Pilot Assistance System (known as “Li AD Pro”), powered by Journey™ 5, is installed on the L9 Pro and is now a standard function for all Pro and Air trim models of Li Auto’s L series.

Li AD Pro is the first assisted driving system enabled by Journey™ 5 computing solution to support highway NOA (Navigate on Autopilot) functions in production. With this advanced system, Li L series models can automatically change lanes, overtake other vehicles, adjust speed on the highway, and smoothly enter and exit highway ramps.

Horizon Robotics has forged a close partnership with Li Auto since 2019. Following their successful cooperation on Li ONE, Li L7, L8, L9 Pro & Air trim models, both companies will continue to work together to deliver outstanding product to the discerning Chinese consumers and make the driving experience safer, more comfortable and more convenient.



Horizon Robotics is a leading provider of energy-efficient computing solutions for advanced
driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving (AD) for consumer vehicles, with
the mission to make human life safer and better. As a pioneer to commercialize embedded
passenger-vehicle ADAS and AD products in China, Horizon Robotics is committed to
enhancing next-generation driving experiences by integrating hardware and software,
including low-power hardware computing solutions and open software development tools. By
closely collaborating with a community of partners, Horizon Robotics offers products and
services that enable an open ecosystem to accelerate the transformation of smart electric

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