Horizon Robotics Matrix™ Driving Solutions

Integrated hardware and software solutions for scalable ADAS


Scalable, robust, unified driving solutions

Horizon Matrix™ Driving Solutions provides scalability with Mono, Pilot and Superdrive configurations

Matrix Mono front-camera ADAS solution is in production with Journey 2 and with Journey 3 for 2MP and 8MP cameras in more than 60 OEM car models.

Matrix Pilot driving and parking integrated solution enables highway pilot assisted driving, Automated Parking Assist and highway NOA (Navigate on Autopilot).  Five models have been launched and six others are in development with Journey 3 or Journey 5 Solutions.

Matrix Superdrive automated driving full-scenario solution is designed around Horizon’s latest Journey 5 for L2++ applications. It can support highway and urban automated driving, advanced valet parking assistance and DMS/OMS safety features.

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China Roads Proven

Matrix™ Mono Solution

Horizon Matrix Mono features 1-5x 2M and/or 8MP cameras

Safety functions:

AEB, LKA, LDW, FCW, TSR, IHBC and more

L2 comfort functions:

ACC, ICA, TJA, ALC and more

Cost effective C-NCAP 5-star solution. Mass production proven !


Matrix™ Pilot Solution

Horizon Matrix™ Pilot is built around 6-11x cameras and radars

Highway NOA:

-Automatic on-off ramp
-Congested traffic merge-in / exit
-Automatic lane change / overtaking
-Lane curvature ramps
-Accident car, construction area avoidance, and more

Urban ICA:

-Straight through at intersection with traffic light
-Turn with leading vehicle, and more

Matrix™ Superdrive Solution

Up to 19 camera, including smart-cabin, and optional LiDARs

Full-scenario NOA (highway+urban):

-Intersection with or without traffic lights
-Automatic lane change
-Unprotected left-right turn
-Straight through


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