Horizon’s proprietary processing architecture tailored for automotive applications, including ADAS and AD functions.

Horizon’s Brain Processing Unit

High Performance architecture with energy efficiency and programming flexibility

Following the age of the PC, the Smartphone revolution and the growth of Cloud computing,  computing architectures are going through another profound  transformation in the era of smart vehicles. The BPU™ is founded on the software-hardware co-design and integration approach pioneered by Horizon. Its powerful data-driven and compute efficient design can evolve continuously to support the most advanced algorithms in the industry.

Horizon BPU™

Highly Parallel

Multiple concurrent compute units incl. vector FP and Transformer data engine


High performance CNN engine and large in-compute-memory array, supported by a high-speed data-bridge. From  5 to 500 DL TOPS. 


Heterogenous computing with programmability and scalability. Fix and Flt. Pt hybrid support. Ideal for the entire AD workflow


Low batch size. Automotive use cases. Safety, security, reliability

Architecture Innovation

Hardware and Software Co-designed and Purpose-built for Autonomous Driving

Horizon’s BPU™: Compute efficiency

Horizon BPU™ computing architecture is the optimal choice in the burgeoning  era of Smart Driving and Software 2.0.  Designed for both  efficient computing of cutting-edge algorithms and for programming flexibility and versatility, Horizon BPU™ leverages recent innovation in accelerated computing and prepares for the future.


The BPU is co-optimized with the latest Neural Net architectures such as EfficientNet and Transformer.

Powerful & Efficient

The BPU™ design is optimized for performance density and energy efficiency

Advanced Architecture

High level of hardware and software parallelism;  Compute units and data  management units working in a seamless cooperation.

Built for Automotive

With heterogenous computing and comprehensive safety and security coverage, for streaming data at low batch sizes and low latency.


BPU™ Data-driven architecture innovations

Compute | Memory | Data |  Power management  |  Virtualization

Years of hardware design and algorithms experience combined to deliver the industry best computing architecture. 

  • Systolic array of MACs
  • Memory-in-compute
  • High-speed data bridge
  • Adaptive precision scaling
  • Transformer optimization
  • Hardware virtualization
  • Advanced programmability
    and more …

The BPU™ enables developers to create their best applications.

Bayes BPU Accelerated NN Engine

Efficiency, performance and ease-of-use.
Choose three.

Journey™ 5 Bayes BPU™

Powering leading OEMs vehicles today

The Bayes BPU design was completed in 2021 and is in production in Journey™ 5.

Built with deep insights into the most efficient and powerful algorithms powering automated driving applications, this third-generation BPU™ brings about more integration, higher performance, and higher energy efficiency. The Bayes BPU™ and its easy-to-use development toolkit is the ideal accelerated computing solution for to automotive application developers.

Leading Software


Horizon driving algorithms are continuously evolving and take advantage of the latest innovation such as Transformer, BEV (Bird’s Eye View) and multi-sensor fusion for the best accuracy and precision.

Understanding Scenario Complexity

Horizon familiarity with the complexity and uniqueness of China roads brings about the best and safest driving experience


From OS, BSP and Middleware, to SDKs,  an easy-to-use toolchain and example algorithms designed for automotive applications, Horizon Robotics provides an open software environment to developers.

Horizon advanced driving algorithms are designed to accelerate your time-to-market and reduce your development costs

Solutions Served

Journey™ and Matrix solutions are scalable from ADAS to high level of automated driving as well as intelligent cabin applications

“We Make Human Life Safer and Better with Smart Driving Solutions”

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