Unleash the Full Potential of Horizon Matrix ADAS and AD Solutions


OpenExplorer™ Toolkit

A rich development kit for models porting and optimization to Horizon powerful and efficient BPU™  architecture

Horizon proven toolchain support mainstream frameworks like PyTorch and Tensorflow through ONNX and let you train, quantize, optimize and deploy your algorithms to Horizon Journey™ computing solutions with maximum efficiency and without loss of accuracy.

The automatic optimizing compiler ensures the best performance output for your models on the BPU™ hardware accelerator and operates mostly without the developer’s intervention.

Minimum Effort. Maximum Performance

Typical porting time

Successful customer projects

Productivity improvement

Loss of accuracy

Train & Quantize

Two methods of quantization supported, Post-training quantization for rapid floating point to fix point trial and evaluation (PTQ), and Quantization-aware training for near zero accuracy loss optimization (QAT).


SDK with abundant documentation, reference samples applications and  reference algorithm implementation, for automotive use cases to accelerate your software deployment.


Model compiler automatically performs optimization such as kernel or feature map level splitting, vertical and horizontal layer fusion and  instruction grouping and scheduling. It increases data or instruction parallelism. It also reduces external memory visits which reduces latency and power consumption.



A Set of Safe, Simple and Easy-to-use Autonomous Driving Embedded Middleware

TogetheROS™ Auto application development Suite

Safe and reliable, open and user-friendly software development environment

For the efficient development, integration and test of your automotive application on Journey™ solutions, Horizon offers TROS.A for automotive.

TROS.A includes a framework and associated services for application development, example applications, a development and verification toolset, standardized interfaces and protocols and 3rd party software components.

Horizon extensive Software Ecosystem

Horizon software partners provides software solutions up to full stack

The best software companies have chosen Horizon automotive solutions to offer their products and services to OEM customers.

From RTOS to AUTOSAR to middleware, from Localization to ADAS, Parking and Smart cabin solutions, you can rely on Horizon’s partners competence and experience to support your project successfully to production

Solutions Served

Journey™ and Matrix solutions are scalable from ADAS to high level of automated driving as well as intelligent cabin applications

Efficient Automotive Computing

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