Horizon Robotics Inspires Young Minds to Pursue Innovation on Future Mobility

Shanghai, May 4, 2023 ‒ The 2023 Youth Summit Project officially kicked off in April, marking the beginning of the annual initiative to inspire China’s younger generation. At the first campus activity for the project this year under the theme of “Creating Future Mobility”, Dr. Yu Kai, Founder and CEO of Horizon Robotics, and other guest speakers shared visionary insights on the future of mobility innovation with over 100 students at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

The Youth Summit Project is an annual charity project jointly launched by Volkswagen Group China and the China Education Development Foundation in 2021. It is dedicated to inspiring university students to explore future mobility and develop innovative ideas, offering diversified training courses covering innovation capability, industry trends, and career development. As a trusted partner of Volkswagen, this year Horizon Robotics joined the project and Dr. Yu Kai officially became a committee member. The participation signifies Horizon’s deep commitment to fostering a culture of innovation among future generations.

During the event at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Dr. Yu Kai shared his excitement in joining discussions with young minds about the future’s potential and possibilities. “The young generation of today are the pioneers of the new wave of innovation,” he said. “We are at a pivotal moment in history, where we not only have the privilege to witness the future, but also to play an active role in shaping it.”


Horizon and NETA Auto’s shared commitment to consumer value and the improvement of driving safety and convenience forms a strong foundation for a long-term partnership to explore future mobility possibilities. In September 2021, Horizon and NETA Auto officially entered into a comprehensive strategic cooperation. Shortly after in 2022, the first model equipped with Horizon’s Journey™ 3 computing solution, NETA U-II, was introduced to the market. With over 22 driver assistance features, including Lane Keeping Assist, Highway Assist and Automated Parking Assist, the NETA U-II received great feedback from Chinese consumers, thanks to its enhanced functionality, improved performance, and enjoyable driving experience.

Besides supporting the Youth Summit, in 2023 Horizon Robotics launched its Developer University Program (DUP), a groundbreaking initiative aimed at nurturing and cultivating the innovative talent of tomorrow. Over the next five years, this program plans to span thousands of universities, benefiting millions of aspiring university developers through a diverse range of activities, including curriculum development, scientific research collaboration, competition organization, and internship and career opportunities. Through these initiatives, Horizon Robotics hopes to inspire China’s younger generation to embrace innovation and jointly shape the future of mobility.


Horizon Robotics is a leading provider of energy-efficient computing solutions for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving (AD) for consumer vehicles, with the mission to make human life safer and better. As a pioneer to commercialize embedded passenger-vehicle ADAS and AD products in China, Horizon Robotics is committed to enhancing next-generation driving experiences by integrating hardware and software, including low-power hardware computing solutions and open software development tools. By closely collaborating with a community of partners, Horizon Robotics offers products and services that enable an open ecosystem to accelerate the transformation of smart electric vehicles.

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