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About us

Horizon Robotics is a leading provider of ADAS and AD solutions for passenger vehicles, empowered by our proprietary software and hardware technologies. Our solutions combine cutting-edge algorithms, purpose-built software and state-of-the-art processing hardware, providing the core technologies for assisted and autonomous driving that enhance the safety and experience of drivers and passengers. We are a key enabler for the smart vehicle transformation and commercialization with our integrated solutions deployed on mass scale.

We create the Computational Foundation for
the Era of Smart Vehicles

Horizon Robotics powers the automotive industry through its digital transformation


Pioneering a New Concept

Hardware and Software Co-design: From Software, for Software

We start with application software to inform our decisions on hardware architecture. We look as far as we can into algorithms innovation, and we build an optimized architecture and the best tools to run automotive applications.  The result is an optimum balance of domain specificity and computing flexibility in Horizon computing solutions.

We pioneered this approach since Horizon inception in 2015, to meet the requirements of the software-defined car. Powered by our original accelerator design, the BPU™,  currently in its fourth-generation, we are delivering open, efficient, cost competitive and energy savings solutions to the automotive industry.


Creating Horizon Robotics Unique Automotive Solutions

Our hardware architects, data scientists, software developers, hardware and system engineers, compiler specialists, product and marketing managers , quality and operation experts and many more, are working hard and smart to bring the best mix of performance, energy efficiency, and competitiveness to our Automotive Solutions.

At Horizon we provide  ways for people to nurture their knowledge and skills, socialize with colleagues, cultivate their passion at work and at home and care for their families. 

We put people first !

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Efficient & Scalable Solutions  |  Open Toolkit   |   Software   |  Hardware Reference Designs

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OEMs | Tier1s | ODMs | ISVs | Sensors

We join hands with our partners to drive the mobility transformation and make driving safer and more enjoyable

We Adapt to our Customer’s
Development Strategy

Horizon supports multiple types of collaborations and win-win long-term partnerships

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Our business model is flexible, allowing customers to choose from computing solutions, toolkit and smart driving solutions. Our team of experts is ready to help realize your vision.


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