Horizon Robotics Journey™ 5

The new automotive inference processor
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Designed for Automotive Compute

True automotive performance measured in accuracy, speed and efficiency

Video input
INT8 peak compute
Typical Latency
Typical power in ADAS/AD

J5 High-Performance AD Processor

Efficient Automotive Applications Packed into Horizon’s Highest Performance Processor, with Scaling-level AD Capabilities

Journey 5 Performance

Most efficient Autonomous Driving computing technology

J5 Bayes BPU is Purpose-built for Autonomous Driving


  • - Highly parallel processing with multiple concurrent compute units
  • - A powerful systolic array of tensor cores for efficient CNN operations
  • - Flexible, large scale near-compute-memory for local execution
  • - High-flexibility high-bandwidth custom concurrent data bridge
  • - Data parallelism. Kernel parallelism. Computation unit parallelism
  • - Instruction parallelism. Layer parallelism. Model parallelism

Journey® 5 Uniquely Rich and Efficient Architecture

Integrated, streamlined compute collaboration with high flexibility, efficiency and safety

Efficient Orchestration Of A Diverse Computing Ensemble

Integrated, Streamlined Compute Collaboration with High Flexibility, Efficiency and Safety

J5 SOC Functional Safety Certification Completed

Journey 5 Cybersecurity

Comprehensive security measures with hardware acceleration and ARM TrustZone architecture

Trusted & dedicated resources

Secure boot, clock, compute and memory on ARM Trust
zone (TZ) architecture. Memory protected by ECC

Fully encrypted & HW-accelerated

Extensive crypto engines, Hardware TRNG and Key

I/O Protected

Hardware firewall for interconnect, DDR and I/O &
peripherals; Debug (JTAG) with Authorization


On chip one-time programmable memory

Journey 5 EVM Kit

Rich and Diverse Computing for End-to-End Autonomous driving

Journey 5 Hardware Solutions

Matrix 5 hardware designs and Journey 5 modules accelerate your time-to-market

Efficient Automotive Computing

Let's talk about smart driving technologies !